Hi, my name is Aivars Liepa. I am an owner of Dimension Ink Tattoo and a Tattoo Artist specialising in Black and Grey Realism. I’ve had a passion for drawing since I can remember myself and was creating my first tattoos back in 2007. When I started, I had very little knowledge of the best technics, materials and equipment to use for my work. During the past twelve years I tried and tested many things until I found what works best for me. I didn’t start as a pro, in fact it has taken me many years to get where I am now. I have invested a huge amount of my time and money to learn from the best and the most successful people in tattoo industry. I have worked persistently to develop my artistic skills as well as those needed to grow a successful business.  To save you time and hustle, I have created this program to help you start your own stress- free Tattooing business. Here I will share with you the best that I’ve learned during my tattooing career and will guide you towards reaching your goal of becoming a tattoo artist.


We are in an age where progress can be made fast, so you must continuously  take advantage of it. If you want to succeed, you must continuously update your knowledge towards the newest tendencies, developments and trends in the tattoo industry. Also, know your values! I like to work smart. That’s why efficiency is one of my key work values. It helps me to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted time, effort and expense. Another of my important values is quality. I deliver only the best to my clients, and to achieve that , I invest in best available equipment and materials. Quality matters! Good investment will help you attain best possible results and will save  you money in the long run.


As you grow and develop yourself as a professional tattoo Artist, you will start to find what works best for you, but for now, simplify your life and these guidelines:

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It is in creating process and can be with mistakes and missing details It will be constantly edited and updated.

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Apply for Apprenticeship

+Level 1. Test

  • Comunication
  • Art
  • Drawing Test


+Level 2. Teorry. 


  • What is Tattooing
  • Hygiene
  • The Biology Aspects of Tattooing
  • Health and Safety
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing/Sterilizing Your Equipment


  • Tattoo STYLES an TECHNIQUES Briefly Explained
  • Tattoo Tips and Techniques


  • Recommended equipment and where to buy
  • Get to know tattoo needles, the different types, formations and what they're generally used for 
  • Get to know Tattoo Ink
  • Get to know Tattoo machines, how they work, how they're set up, how to tune them 
  • Rest of equipment that you will need for tattooing, explained


+Level 3.  Design making and stencil

  • Tattoo types, techniques and criteria for determining customers choice;
  • body flow and how to make the design work to the body-Design making, Drawing, tools, computer programs.
  • Hand drawing (Recommendations and advice giving about the drawing, paint, tattoo selection)PhotoshopProcreate (I Pad Pro)Other programs and Apps—Stencil.
  • making stencils by hand and stencil printer-placing stencils on the body-body flow and how to make the design work to the body

+Level 4. Prepearing for tattooing.

  • Anesthesia.
  • Preparing tools for work.
  • How to hygienically setup and break down a workstation
  • Preparing the client skin for the procedure  + moral and physical
  • After procedure care rules.
  • Tool maintenance after work.



+Level 5. Lineing

  • Introduction to tattooing equipment in use, consumables and colors;
  • Tattoo test on silicon skin, straight lines and figures
  • Summary, discussion about mistakes.


+Level 6. Shading and Colorful tattoo making.

  • Tattoo test on fake skin. collor solid figures.
  • Shade figures with smooth transitions.  
  • Summary, discussion about mistakes.


+Level 7. Different tattoo techniques

  • dotting.
  • wip shading.
  • dot shading.
  • Summary, discussion about mistakes.


+Level 8. Design Tattooing.

  • draw 5 different tattoo stile designs 5-10 cm in diameter
  • make these 5 designs on fake skin including different techniques 
  • Summary, discussion about mistakes.


+Level 9. Final test on fake skin.

  • Make design. (draw or photoshop) 15-20 cm in dimeter.
  • Tattoo this design on silicone skin.
  • Summary, discussion about mistakes.




+Level 10. Customer and Your self.

  • Customer care.
  • Communication with clients, Eye to eye and messages.
  • Work with clients.
  • Attitude towards the customer.
  • How to promote your self.
  • Inspiration, self-confidence, self-discipline, growth.
  • finding your niche and stile.


+Level 11. Real Person and real skin. 

  • Make 10 tattoos on real skin including different stiles and techniques. 
  • Summary, discussion about mistakes.
  • Diploma thesis.


+Level 12. Final test on Real skin

  • Independent tool and workplace preparation.
  • An independent performance.
  • Make design. (draw or photoshop) 15-20 cm in dimeter.
  • Tattoo this design on Real skin.
  • Summary, discussion about mistakes.
  • Diploma thesis.

The content of this Apprentice Training Program shall remain confidential.