Robert BB

My name is Robert BB I started to tattoo in 1993, that was the time when I made my first tattoo. I had a talent to draw when I was a kid, I thought why I shouldn’t start to make tattoos. After my art studies I learned continuously, I upgraded myself, I asked other artist’s opinions. The real breakthrough happened in 2008, I after developed pretty fast. I continuously followed, and keep following today the invention of tattooing, and I’m working with the most professional tattoo equipments. I can make different tattoos, but I’m trying to create my own style. My favorite is the realistic, fantasy, horror, comics, cartoon and dark style in color and black & grey too, I think I can show my fantasy through this kind of style the best.
I love challenges! My brush is the tattoo machine, and the canvas is your skin!

Languages: English, Hungarian 

Minimum charge 1500 NOK
1-2 hours 2000-4000 NOK
3-6 hours 5000-8000 NOK
Free consultation